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Season 2022/2023


October 28/29/30   -   U11 DEV Tournament (cancelled)

November 12/13   -   U15 REC Tournament

(Registration Closed)

November 26/27   -   U9 REC Tournament 

December 2/3/4   -   U13 REC Tournament

December 9/10/11   -   U18 REP Tournament

January 13/14/15   -   U15 REC Tournament

January 20/21/22   -   U9 REC Tournament

February 3/4/5   -   U13 REC Tournament

February 17/18/19   -   U11 REC Tournament 

More details about the tournaments, fees and payment can be found on the Tournament Registration form below.

CDMHA Tournament Registration Form

For all tournament related questions please email us.


Special note: no more than two teams per city will be accepted into the tournament - this will be on a first come first serve basis. 


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